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I’m the mother of 2 wonderful boys and really struggled with losing weight after our second child. I spent hours and hours researching the internet and looked at a lot of so called diets; I was intrigued by the cabbage soup diet. It sounded like the perfect diet for me. I was desperate and didn’t have a lot of money to spend at the time, as I related in my post Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work? The answer is yes…Read more on my About Me Page.
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    Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work – The Facts.

    Yes! Most individuals out there wondering what to eat to lose weight and are ending up on the cabbage soup. But does the cabbage soup diet work? Actually, cabbage soup has been used for many years often referred using different names in different places. Some of its’ users will tell you that they lost more than 10 pounds in 7 days while other will tell you that they were on it for months with no positive effect. Even if you look at online consumer reviews, you will still be hit by the same confusion but don’t worry.

    This article, will give you facts about this diet so that you can objectively determine whether it’s the best weight lose method for you. Just read on.

    Does the cabbage soup diet work – What is it?

    The diet plan for weight loss gives you the ability to eat as much as want, provided that you stick to a basic plan that consists mainly of soup. The essence of the diet plan is that you must follow it strictly for seven days. The soup recipe varies but the key food that feature include cabbage, other vegetables with few calories such as onions and celery flavored with tomato juice, bouillon cubes and onion soup mix. Apart from the cabbage soup, foods such as fruits with low calories, along with limited amount of skim milk and meat are allowed to provide the required proteins.

    Does a soup diet work? A basic cabbage soup recipe.

    * 1 white cabbage, chopped
    * 2 sliced green peppers
    * 1 kilo sliced carrots
    * 6 big white onions, chopped
    * 4 stalks celery
    * 1 or 2 tomatoes, chopped
    * 1 or 2 teaspoonful vegetable soup mix
    * Herbs, pepper to taste


    Put all the vegetables in one pot and cover them with water. Heat them to a boil till all the vegetables are soft cooked. Eat as much of the soup as you want and as frequent as you wish.

    If you find that the soup is not delicious …there are several ingredients you can add to make it appetizing and delicious. These include spices and herbs

    Cabbage Soup Diet should last for 7 days and although you are supposed to eat cabbage soup daily, you will also have variety of food as outlined below.

    * Day 1: Fruits
    * Day 2: Vegetables
    * Day 3: vegetables and fruits
    * Day 4: Bananas
    * Day 5: Chicken or fish + tomatoes
    * Day 6: Vegetables + steak
    * Day 7: Rice + vegetables

    Unfortunately, Cabbage Soup may lead to malnutrition. Therefore, it is recommended to use this diet together with protein supplements such as low quantities of meat and skim milk. Alternatively, drink at least a glass of homemade protein milkshake one time in a day.

    Here is an easy to do recipe for the homemade milkshake;

    * 4/5 glass skim milk
    * 1/5 glass of pure apple juice (no canned juice!)
    * 2 tablespoon protein powder
    * Fruits
    * 1 teaspoon aspartame

    Directions; just blend the ingredients.

    If you wish to boost the effectiveness of Cabbage Soup Diet, stick to eating negative calorie vegetables, such as the ones given below with their energy/100 g

    * Artichokes (40 cal)
    * Asparagus (25 cal)
    * Broccoli (35 cal)
    * Cabbage (28 cal)
    * Cauliflowers (30 cal)
    * Chinese Cabbage (12 cal)
    * Green Beans (40 cal)
    * Lettuce (18 cal)
    * Mushrooms (28 cal)
    * Pumpkin (30 cal)
    * Spinach (25 cal)
    * Watercress (20 cal)
    * Zucchini (30 cal)

    Does cabbage soup diet work – The science behind it?

    The science behind the weight lose effect of cabbage soup diet is restricted calories. The cabbage soup is mainly made from negative calories vegetable which make it great filler. Maybe this accounts for the reason this diet has remained popular for a very long time; it allow you to eat as much as possible and at the same time lose weight. Eating to your full keeps one away from the hunger that sets in the moment you start losing weight making a diet plan for weight loss miserable torture. The question what to eat to lose weight is answered with eating negative calorie foods.

    For each of the seven days, you have to stick to certain prescribed food but the recipe varies from day to day. This way, it’s less probable that you will get bored and give up in disgust. Also, missing from the list are foods such as breads, fats, sweets and other junk food. These are enemies of weight loss.

    Does cabbage soup diet work – Its merits.

    • First, unlike all other diets, the more you eat, the more weight you lose. This is due to the low nutrient in the cabbage soup which aids the function of mitochondria which are responsible for fat burning processes.
    • With this diet plan, you don’t have to buy expensive food. All you need is vegetables and fruits.
    • The soup normally contains a lot of water which is a proven method to lose weight.
    • If you eat the soup, you will not experience the hunger, the soup serves as filler.
    • You can still eat beef even when under this diet. It enters the picture in certain days together with fruits. Chicken without its skin is an allowable alternative.
    • The diet is a short term scheme to lose weight; it the answer to those wondering how to lose weight in one week.

    Does cabbage soup diet work – Its side effects.

    The main side effect of this diet is that it is low in some nutrient that the body needs; it does not include all the food groups to constitute a balanced diet. As such, users are warned to never use it for more than 7 days.

    In addition, just like most fad diets, cabbage soup diet recipe does not work towards changing your eating habits. Once you get back to your regular eating habit, expect to gain the pounds you lost. In fact, your appetite will sky rocket higher than it was before you began the diet. Once you are off the diet, the hunger will be so much and very hard to control. You may end up gaining all the weight you had lost within less than the seven days you were on the diet. Most of the weight you lose under this weight loss plan is ‘water weight’.

    In conclusion, cabbage soup diet does work for individual who are looking to lose massive amount of weight within a limited time. However, for those looking for sustainable weight loss, it’s not the best option.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

    The Cabbage soup diet is touted as the mother of all crash diets. The soup is low very low in fat, and can be an ideal low calorie plan to follow for a week. It’s meant to help you shed off some pounds fast. This incredible soup has been around forever!

    Although the origin of cabbage soup is unknown, it gained its popularity in the late 80s. It also goes by many names. Some call it the military cabbage soup, sacred heat diet while others refer to it as the Russian peasant diet.

    Funny as it may sound; all the above mentioned institutions have denied being linked with the diet. The idea behind the cabbage soup recipe is to keep yourself on a low calorie diet, high fiber perfectly mixed with a vegetable soup while eating a specific combinations of other foods as well for a period of seven days.

    Some of the users claim that you can lose up to 10 pounds in an amazing period of 7 days! Most people use it to start of a weight loss plan. Others use it to get rid of a few pounds for a special event. What are the ingredients that make up the cabbage soup? Let’s have a look at the cabbage soup diet recipe.


    · One bunch of 6 onions
    · Two green bell peppers
    · One or two cans of tomatoes (14.5 ounce size, could be diced or whole)
    · A bunch of sliced celery
    · One package of onion soup mix
    · One or two cubes of bouillon (optional)
    · One 48z can V8 juice or six cups of water, vegetable broth or light chicken
    · Season to taste with salt, parsley, pepper, curry or garlic powder


    Simmer or cook slowly until the soup is done. If you opt for slow cooking add seasonings about an hour before the soup is done. You can take as much soup as you want whenever you want and embark on a weight loss plan.

    Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work? That you will lose weight from taking cabbage soup is not in doubt. However, this will only be in the short run. You will most probably get less than 1000 calories each day on the limited menu. This is way below the 2000 daily calories recommended for a full grown adult.

    The fact that you are getting fewer calories means that you will shed off some weight quickly. Mostly you will get rid of water weight. There are high chances that you will gain it all back as soon as you start eating a normal diet.

    Be sure to feel hungry and cranky when you are in the diet. You may experience light headaches if you are not consuming enough calories to fuel your body.

    If you follow the cabbage soup for more than seven days, your body will suffer a deficiency on important nutrients. It may also worsen your health conditions. If you have diabetes for instance you may have trouble controlling your blood sugar.

    What to Eat to Lose Weight…The cabbage soup made from the above outlined cabbage soup recipe can be great. Just like the name suggests the bulk of cabbage soup is fat free eaten once or twice every day alongside other foods? Here is a comprehensive list of what else you can add.

    · Day One: A mixture of fruits except bananas.
    · Day Two: A mixture of vegetables including leafy greens which are not starchy. Do not include any fruit.
    · Day Three: Fruits and Vegetables
    · Day Four: Skimmed milk and bananas
    · Day Five: Baked chicken with the skin removed, beef and tomatoes
    · Day Six: Vegetable and beef
    · Day Seven: Unsweetened fruit juices, vegetables and brown rice

    Like stipulated above, each day of the diet, other foods can be eaten. All of these foods have low calorie an also have large quantities of potassium and protein.

    There is an assortment of cabbage soup diet recipe is recommended by health and fitness experts. Most of these have similar ingredients such as green pepper, tomatoes, mushroom, onions and bouillon.

    This diet is sort of straightforward since it has relatively few ingredients and can only last up to a week. While most people are looking for ways in how to lose weight in a week it can be hard to follow this strict plan to the letter. The cabbage soup is therefore not a permanent solution to losing weight.

    The cabbage soup diet has limited menu options. It is therefore gets boring quickly. Health and fitness experts recommend that you interchange the cabbage diet soup with the normal diet for a period two weeks if you don’t want to get bored.

    To effectively make the cabbage diet soup, you need to get a soup pot since you will need to make the soup and cook some of the recommended vegetables in the plan. Your shopping list will certainly be very short for the week.

    The cabbage diet soup doesn’t include exercise and working out at a high level is not recommended on such a low calorie diet. Your body won’t simply have adequate gas in the tank for the exercise.

    The cabbage soup diet recipe is so rigid such that it doesn’t allow a lot of room for changing the diet. The soup is low in fat because it’s mostly composed of vegetables. However it’s not strictly vegetarian and you can throw in some pieces of meat.

    The only cost incurred when making the cabbage diet soup is the vegetables which are readily available in local grocery stores. Experts recommend that you use supplements to make up for those nutrients you may be missing from the cabbage soup.

    The cabbage soup diet can be an incredible diet plan for weight loss and you can even fix it for a special occasion or holiday! The other good thing about this soup is the fact it doesn’t require any special support. You can do this diet on your own.

    While critics of the cabbage soup say that the soup has short term effects, the secret lies, like mentioned above in abandoning it for a period of 14 days, taking foods that can supplement the body with the missing nutrients then going back to the cabbage soup again.

    Vegatables that help in weight loss

    Diet Plan for Weight Loss

    In our hectic lives we have adopted what can be referred to as eat and run culture and maintaining a healthy weight has become a daunting task, almost impossible. Losing weight has become even harder. If you have tried losing weight before and failed you may have missed on a diet plan for weight loss that could have worked for you. Traditional diets like the cabbage soup diet can actually help you lose weight fast even though this is only for short-term.

    However there are small but very effective ways to avoid common dieting mistakes that most of us make. You can achieve permanent weight loss and have a healthier relationship with food. If you want to lose weight permanently you must balance the equation between the calories you take in and the calories you burn. If you take in more calories than you burn you will gain while burning more calories than what you consume ensures that you lose weight.

    Vegatables that help in weight loss

    All of us often make weight loss a lot difficult than it needs to be. We adopt a diet plan for weight loss that leaves us starving and cranky. We opt for unhealthy lifestyles that comprise our dieting efforts not to mention that our emotional eating behaviors stop us way before we get started.

    The good news is that you can shed of the extra pounds without necessarily feeling miserable. Think of weight loss as something permanent and not a quick fix. Make a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. There are various diets that can help you kick start your weight loss plan. One such diet is the cabbage soup diet. Let’s now have a comprehensive look at this amazing soup.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe…The cabbage soup is easy to prepare not to mention that it can be taken any time you feel hungry. You can consume as much as you want at a single instance. There is no restriction on how much you can take.


    · Green pepper (1 piece)
    · One large can of diced tomatoes
    · Six stalks of celery
    · One or two pieces of large chopped onions
    · One or two cubes of bouillon (this is if it’s desired)
    · One big nice green cabbage
    · V8 juice (low sodium is perfect)
    · Four to five cups of water
    · One (strictly one) teaspoonful of olive oil
    · One teaspoonful of hot sauce


    Chop the vegetable into small pieces. Deep-fry the onion in the olive oil for about two minutes the add peppers and celery before deep frying for four more minutes. Cover with water and add the v8 juice. You can bouillon at this point if you so desire. Add the tomatoes and hot sauce.

    Make the whole mixture (which now has all the ingredients but the cabbage) boil. Simmer and continue cooking until the vegetables are tender. Depending on how large the celery is, you can simmer for up to 30 minutes.

    It’s now time to add the cabbage. Remember to keep the stem intact. Shred the cabbage into thin pieces and the cabbage for a further ten minutes. The reason why it’s recommended you add the cabbage at the very end is to preserve some nutritional content.

    Any diet plan for weight loss need to be followed to the letter if the intended results are to be achieved. This is no different with the cabbage diet soup. Follow the preparation procedure to get the best out of the soup. Use the recommended ingredients as well.

    Does Cabbage Soup Diet Work?

    We have looked at the cabbage diet soup. The biggest question then becomes, does the cabbage diet soup really work? Can it help you shed off some extra pounds? The answer to this question is that the cabbage diet soup does indeed work. However to achieve more lasting results, you need to take other foods to provide the body with the nutrients that the cabbage soup might not be providing.

    Eat as much cabbage diet you want on the first day. Don’t forget that this a diet plan for weight loss and it should be treated as such. Don’t eat bananas on the first day but take cantaloupe, oranges, watermelon, tangerine and grapes. Unsweetened iced tea, black coffee or cranberry juice can be consumed

    On the second day take as much cabbage soup as you desire but include some steamed vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli. A baked potato for dinner would just be fine. Drink some water if you so wish.

    One the third day, eat as much cabbage soup you want, steamed vegetables and fruits but don’t eat a banana.

    On the fourth day eat cabbage soup and up to eight bananas. You can take as much fat free milk as you want. You can drink water if you don’t want to take milk.

    On the fifth day take cabbage soup in addition to six tomatoes. A small salmon or tuna fillet can be a great addition. Make sure that nothing is added onto the fish.

    On the sixth day, again take as much cabbage soup as you want and a small breast of a lean chicken. Some steamed vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli would be great.

    On the seventh day eat as much cabbage soup as you want. A cup of brown rice, steamed vegetables, cranberry juice would be perfect.

    This outline of diet plan for weight loss will work perfectly if you are looking on ways of how to lose weight in a week. The other foods taken alongside the cabbage diet soup are not only meant to ensure that you get other essential nutrients not contained in the cabbage soup but also make sure you don’t get bored out of following a strict diet.

    Most people don’t know what to eat to lose weight and therefore embark on taking weight loss diets that don’t work for them. With the above described cabbage soup weight loss diet don’t be surprised if you end up losing 10 or even 15 pounds in a week! Sadly, just like any other crash diet, the cabbage soup doesn’t guarantee permanent weight loss. This is the way most crash diets are meant to work. This takes us back to the first point. Unless you are willing to permanently change the way to eat to a healthier eating lifestyle you will soon go back to your previous weight.

    How to Lose Weight in a Week

    For one reason or the other you may want to lose weight really fast. If you are looking on how to lose weight in a week the cabbage diet soup might be just what you need.

    The cabbage soup might not be what you need for long term weight loss but it’s low in low fat, has high fiber content that works perfectly and can help get into shape really fast before you set out on a more long term, more permanent long term eating plan.

    With the cabbage diet soup, you will lose weight fast, that’s for sure. For the one week while you are one diet you can have as much cabbage soup you want. Although most health experts don’t recommend that you follow this diet for longer than one week it is an incredible way to start a moderate weight loss diet.

    Vegatables that help in weight loss

    However some people find the tasteless, while others have reported mild headaches or have lost concentration. The majority think that despite the soup being tasteless, the amazing rate at which it helps you lose so much weight in such a short time is incomparable.

    Most of the “mainstream” diets often recommended by reputable medical institutions work relatively slow and steady and can only result to a weight loss of about 1 pound in a week.

    While the mainstream diets are a sure way to shed off weight it has one major shortcoming. Most people tend to become discouraged when they don’t see the results quickly. This is the reason why the cabbage diet soup is very popular. In can be the perfect catalyst to trigger a more permanent long term solution.

    So, how do you make sure your quest on how to lose weight in a week actually work? Here are a few tips that will come in handy

    · Follow the cabbage soup diet strictly to the letter
    · Drink not less than four glasses of water each day
    · Don’t forget that the main aim is to lose weight in a week. It therefore should last for seven days long only
    · Complement the cabbage soup diet with daily portions of foods that are high in multi vitamins
    · Have a printed or written down plan for the seven days to help you with the diet plan for weight loss
    · Eat a lot of cabbage diet soup. The more you eat the more weight you lose. Don’t make the mistake of starving yourself thinking that this will help you lose weight.
    · Use a myriad of spices to add taste to the soup. The more the spices used the better.

    Stick to the cabbage diet soup for not more than seven days and you will be pleased with the results. Does the cabbage soup work? The cabbage diet soup actually works if you are looking on how to lose weight in a week. You will certainly feel great after losing the weight and you wouldn’t want to gain it back later, would you? Adopt other healthier lifestyle choices to make sure that you don’t balloon back to the old shape.

    Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe…Before we look at the cabbage diet soup and the ingredients, perhaps we need to look at some facts about this incredible diet soup

    · The cabbage diet soup traces its origin in the late 80s and became even more popular in the 90s as it proved to be a great way of losing weight fast
    · It goes by many other names including General Motors, Mayo Clinic Soup, and Sacred Heart among other names. However none of these institutions lay claim to the soup.

    The cabbage diet soup like previously mentioned is a strictly seven days diet made up of cabbage soup and other accompaniments of healthy foods. It has to be followed strictly if it is to work

    For anyone who started the cabbage diet soup on Sunday he or she will ideally eat cabbage for seven days alongside the following listed food items.

    · Sunday: A lot of fruits apart from bananas
    · Monday: A baked potato and an optional pat of butter
    · Wednesday: Not more than 8 bananas and unlimited skimmed milk
    · Thursday: Not more than 20 oz of beef and six tomatoes or less
    · Friday: Unlimited beef and vegetables. You can take potatoes if you so desire.
    · Saturday: Veggies, brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice. Don’t take potatoes on this day.

    In simple terms, know what to eat to lose weight. A nutritionist or a health and fitness expert can be quite resourceful if consulted.

    It’s important to mention that there a limited disparities to the cabbage soup diet recipe. Let’s now look at the ingredients of the cabbage diet soup.

    · A minimum of 6 large onions
    · 1 to 2 cans of tomatoes (can be either whole or diced)
    · Three carrots
    · A bunch of celery
    · Green pepper (2 pieces)
    · One container of mushrooms
    · A package of Lipton soup mix
    · V8 juice (this is optional)
    · One or two bouillon cubes
    · Garlic, curry or season to taste (use little or no salt)

    Like mentioned above, there are little variations to the cabbage soup. The soup is tasteless and users find hard to adhere to it on a daily basis for seven days. However you may want to consider the following variations to avoid burnouts in addition to making sure that your quest on how to lose weight in a week is successful.

    Consider making the soup with the red cabbage and red bell peppers as opposed to using white cabbage or green peppers. This will leave the soup chunky.

    Appraise the cabbage soup diet by using the green bell peppers and green cabbage. Omit the tomatoes and pound it instead.

    When you are required to take the skimmed milk, use some non-fat yogurt which is unflavored on a ration of one glass of skimmed milk to one glass of green milk.

    If you are seeking ways on how to lose weight in a week, look no further than a diet plan for weight loss. You will lose up to 10 pounds but you will certainly gain it back in a few months if you don’t take up other healthy measures to keep your weight in check. The cabbage diet soup is the “quick fix” when you want to lose weight in a week but for the long term changes you will need to relook at your exercise and diet habits.

    What to Eat to Lose Weight

    We are all looking for ways to lose weight fast. However the interesting fact is that we don’t know what to eat to lose weight. We therefore go for all kinds weight loss diets without necessarily having enough information on how effective such diets are in making us shed the extra pounds.

    Some of us are even using weight loss pills and end up being frustrated when we don’t get the desired results as fast as we would have hoped for. Little do most of us know that we can lose up 10 pounds in a week from eating cabbage soup.

    Cabbage, the main component of the cabbage diet soup requires more calories to get digested as compared to other foods that are in the same category such as Kale and other leafy vegetables. If you are looking for what to eat to lose weight then you need to start concentrating on foods that have a glycemic value.

    There is an array of foods that are low in glycemic content that have low calories and are highly nutritious as well. While you may want to lose weight fast, it is important to be aware of risk factors that come with some of these foods.

    You can for instance avoid spikes in consuming low or high GI foods since research has it that they can lead to health complications such as stroke. If you are seeking on what to eat other than the cabbage diet soup here is a list of foods that contain a glycemic level of about 15 or less:

    · Green Kales
    · Cucumber
    · Eggplant
    · Lettuce
    · Summer squash
    · Tomatoes
    · Peanuts
    · All varieties of pepper
    · Zucchini
    · Snow peas
    · Spinach
    · Green beans
    · Cauliflower
    · Skimmed milk
    · Broccoli
    · Artichoke
    · Asparagus

    All the above listed foods will come in handy when seeking to supplement the cabbage diet soup and will without doubt help you lose weight fast.

    Diet Plan for Weight Loss…Apart from knowing what to eat, you need to come up with a diet plan in order to be successful in order to lose weight. The reason why most people are not successful with crash diets is because they don’t have a clearly set out road-map to follow before they embark on the mission to lose weight. They therefore fall by the way side and as a result they continue being overly overweight.

    That nearly all crash diets are tasteless is not in doubt, however in order to remain on course to losing weight, the following tips will certainly come in handy.

    >>> 1. Appreciate that the loss of weight is only sustainable in the short term with crash diets. In a nutshell you will gain back weight relatively fast. This is due to the reason that you lose what is referred to as water weight but not fat. If you get into a crash diet with hopes of permanent weight loss then you will end up being disappointed. Start with the cabbage diet soup for a few days to mark the initial boost to your long term weight loss efforts.

    >>> 2. Add Extra Vegetables: The cabbage soup diet recipe has very limited variations. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cabbage, it will mainly provide your body with fewer nutrients than your body needs. There are other vegetables that are equally low in vitamins and minerals. They would spruce up the otherwise dull menu. Some of these vegetables are outlined above.

    >>> 3. Eat the cabbage diet soup as an appetizer to the regular meals. When on the quest to how lose weight in a week meals tend to look depressingly small. You can therefore use your cabbage diet soup to make the dining experience appear longer and satisfying.

    >>> 4. Lace the soup with some proteins: One of the most shocking facts about the cabbage diet soup is that it lacks essential proteins that the body requires. Many cabbage soup enthusiasts prepare large pots of the cabbage diets soup and forget that they soup doesn’t offer much in terms of proteins. They concentrate on being satisfied rather than on what to eat to lose weight.

    If you prepare large amount of the cabbage diet soup, adding a small portion of proteins mostly in form of skimmed milk, cheese, and sandwich would provide the much needed proteins to the soup.

    >>> 5. The remains at the base of the cooking pot can be used to make more substantial stews. The cabbage diet soup broth can be used to prepare other stews that can be used for the lunch or even dinner. You can use the broth to prepare a healthy substitute to fattening creams for instance.

    >>> 6. Keep the amount of salt limited. Depending on the ingredients used, some cabbage spices are laced with enough sodium. If you are using the soup as a pre meal course don’t forget to measure the salt with a teaspoon to make such sure the soup isn’t excessively salty. A diet that has excessive salt can lead to bloating.

    >>> 7. Don’t consume the cabbage soup before lunchtime. Most cabbage soup enthusiasts are eating the soup even when the body is in need of more nutrients especially during the day. What you consume for breakfast goes a long way in dictating what your body craves for the remainder of the day. It is therefore advisable to consume some fruits, whole wheat and proteins to supplement the liquid based diet.

    >>> 8.It’s not a bad idea to replace the bowl of cabbage soup with a protein plate or water. Consuming one type of food can be unhealthy, boring not to mention that it can have detrimental effects on the body. If you consume more than one bowl of the cabbage diet soup, you may consider swapping it with a bowl of water or some healthy snacks laced with proteins

    With these tips on how to make sure you lose weight from consuming cabbage diet soup, the biggest question then becomes, does cabbage diet soup work? Yes it does! But only on the short term, for a long lasting weight loss, you need to embark on other weight loss procedures like regular exercises and eating healthy diets.